Thursday, December 21, 2017

Image Compositing

Hybrid Imagery is a photo that is produced in two different ways and it depends on the view of distance you capture in your shot, it takes the humans point of view and turns it into a visual point. Rule of thirds is when you align the subject with lines of intersection points and it allows the photo to flow from section to section. Rule of thirds could be used incorrectly because of how you position your camera and the subject your photographing. Professional photographers think of how they want the shot and what would be best for where the subject goes, I do not think all photos should be edited because of the fact that sometimes some photos are perfectly normal and already stunning just the way it is, for example.. A sunset photo with good lighting and quality should not be edited because if it's natural features.

I think the strongest message in my composite image would be where I take a picture of someones head and instead of having their head in the shot, I will replace it with a photo of my garden, my message will be " if you picture beautiful things in your head, you will think with a beautiful mind and see beautiful things. "therefore, my message if for mostly teenagers in my age group that are going through a hard time.. The angle I will use is a flat angle and I will position her to be in the rule of thirds. When my audience views my image I will hope that their eyes go straight to her head and see what I'm trying to say.

ACO 3.1 Analyze how elements and principles of design in various forms of media are applied to communicate to a specific audience.
ACO 3.2 Critique how the effective integration of elements and principles of design within a variety of medium impact target audiences.
ACO 3.3 Apply elements and principles of design to clarify, focus, or enhance a message or concept for a target audience.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Visual Statement

The title of my visual statement is " Who Are You? " and the message is to find yourself in the things you love to do, this project is important to me because dancing has taught me so many things in life and has brought me to have an escape when things get rough. The goal for my project is to get my message out to the youth and hope that they realize that finding their passion isn't about what other people have to say or what they think, it's about finding the best version of you. My partner for this project is Paris Tangelder and her role was to get the great clips and video's of me dancing, picking flowers, and showing my true passion, Paris has contributed to this project by waking up early to catch the sunrise, taking the time to get these amazing video's, and by helping me find the emphasis in my voice.

In Final Cut Pro we took the clips of our video's and trimmed them to the point where we were satisfied with how it turned out. It was important for us to use FCPX properly because we could have ruined our entire project if we edited in the wrong folder. The audio levels in our project contains mostly straight forward and sounds more encouraging the viewers to find the best version of them I think the highest quality of our video will be the video clips we took at the river by my house, this is the highest quality of my video because the lighting and contrast is so incredible and clear..

The biggest challenge of this project was the editing part because of the fact that we were so picky about where to put what clip, we had to match the video to the audio and try and place the clips where they matched. We overcame that challenge by watching the clips over and over while listening to the audio. I feel that Paris Tangelder took the driving force in this project because she had to come and wake me up at 5am to get clips of me with the sunrise and she helped get my voice to have emotion so our audio could have different feelings and moods. The part I enjoyed most about this project was getting to spend time with Paris because we're best friends so spending the day with her was pretty amazing.


ACO 5.1 Apply problem-solving techniques to create deliverables that address the needs of a client or target audience.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Modern Art Movement

The cultural movement that gave Abstract Expressionism growth is the Europeans. In the 1940's, NewYork held the triumph of American Abstract Expressionism. Artists contribute to this societal need because they spent long periods of time creating art pieces that would sell for millions. My personal thoughts about this art movement is un speakable because I'm so speechless of how amazing these pieces are, my favorite piece would be from Jackson Pollock " The Deep ".

Image result for the deep by jackson pollock
The Deep
Jackson Pollock

I chose Abstract Expressionism because of the fact that Surrealism had gotten taken and my second choice was Abstract Expressionism, I think Jackson Pollock is trying to get through to some of the sad people in this world by his art piece " The Deep ". I think the artist could change the opinion of a bias person because the person could actually be going through a tough time and after hearing the story behind the art piece; it could change their whole point of view. In my opinion, I think the technology has hindered the cultural impact because the technology had basically taken over the fact that the Europeans had started the rise of Abstract Expressionism.

Quiz Responses:

ACO 1.1 Assess the evolution of art forms for their impact on the arts and communication industry.
ACO 1.2 Evaluate the interaction among media, design and society to assess how each influences the other.
ACO 1.3 Evaluate innovative applications of media and design in society that have impacted the arts and communication industry.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Workplace Safety

This project goal was to get our work done fast and safe in an orderly manner, we had wrote out our script and started getting our props as soon as we knew about the project. The topic of this project was " Chemical or material handling " and the meaning of it is basically to use chemicals the right way with the right type of materials ( See definition here ) such as gloves, beakers, lab coats and other types of materials that you would need for a typical lab. The members of my group were  Kashten Demchuk, Emma McGinnis, Cody White and my self Courtney Teves, each of us contributed to this project by doing our best and getting the materials we needed. I think the person who deserves recognition for this project is Emma McGinnis and Cody White because they stood in the class during recess to upload the project for us so that I could go to my pre- SAT practice class and so that Kashten could go and finish the work he had missed in other classes since he had been out all week.


The biggest take away for this project was to always remember not to horse play, eat or use chemicals without the right type of materials. In this project I learned to follow instructions, re-read the labels and to focus on the type of chemical hazards there are.. to be successful in a chemical lab you must have the correct attire, proper shoes, communication skills and you'd have to get along with the people you're working with. One thing I would have done differently was to do a voice over on our over all video and to make sure the steadiness of the iPad was a better angle. In our next project, I'd like to focus more on our communication skills, and the work should be contributed evenly. In conclusion; I really did enjoy making this video with my team and i enjoyed editing the footage we took.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Art & Design

Photo from:
Edited by: Courtney Teves

In my Still Life painting I used the elements of art, some elements I used were; Line, Value and Texture. For my line, I used a 10 px brush to follow the drawing of my succulents. For value, I had to tone to colors to see which was dark and which was light. As for texture, I needed to spot where some of the darkest and lightest places of my drawing were, where it needed darkness and lightness and what parts of my drawing was rough, smooth and where it needed to be shaded. The part I mostly enjoyed of my digital painting was my line page, following those lines brought a bit of stress and definitely taught me how to be a bit patient with my drawing in order for it to come out how I wanted. This project was definitely a struggle but I'm happy with how my first still life photo came out!

Photo taken by : Courtney Teves
" Chuns " on the North Shore of Kauai

I took this photo on the North Shore of Kauai. The difference between my landscape and my still life is that the still life has a lot more textural and cross hatching and my landscape is a whole lot more texture, also in my still life; there is more lines and more detail as to my land scape is just texture. I feel that I stuck to the more advanced choice mostly because it makes my photo look so unrealistic but yet with a twist that it is real, my technique affected the out come of my landscape because I'm not so used to editing my photo's like this, but I think i did a great job!

Model: Noelani Kalia Kaahanui
Kaneohe, Oahu

My portrait photo is a picture of my little sister, Noelani Kalia. She was just a few weeks old when I took this photo and she will be turning 1 year old on December 31st!! She is the most important little girl in my life, besides my niece Ariane. To me this photo is very important because my little sister does not live with me, she lives in Kaneohe, Oahu with my mother and her boyfriend, as the months go by I miss her more and more so I wanted to use this photo because she means so much to me. In my final image the elements of art that i have used are line, texture, and a whole lot of detail edits.

For my critique many people judged me as a professional and amateur, I think I could have done a bit better on my still life and i could've taken my time with it. Although this project was very stressful, I had a lot of fun accomplishing this and doing the best of my ability. I agree with every vote I got except for the 1 novice that I got because i did work hard on his and definitely  do not think they should have voted my still life as a 1, I am very proud of the work that I have accomplished and can'y wait to learn more in this class!

ACO 3.1 Analyze how elements and principles of design in various forms of media are applied to communicate to a specific audience. Elements of Art: Space, Line, Color, Shape, Texture, Form, Value.
ACO 3.2 Critique how the effective integration of elements and principles of design within a variety of medium impact target audiences. Gestalt Theory: Similarity, Continuation, Closure, Proximity, Figure and ground
ACO 3.3 Apply elements and principles of design to clarify, focus, or enhance a message or concept for a target audience. Principles of Design: Scale, Proportion, Unity, Balance, Harmony, Contrast, Repetition, Variety, Emphasis)

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Audio Production

Intonation is the rise and fall in the voice of the person who is speaking, it's the person who is seeking the attention and keeping the audience's attention.. Inflection is when it changes the form of a word and it express's the grammatical function, or it could contribute to the mood, tense, person, case or gender. The rehearsal practice for our presentation took at least 3-5 times before we actually nailed it.. My group included Me ( Courtney Teves ) , Tessa Jensen, Kyle Ortal, and Michael Anderson. We chose to go a behind the scenes theme and the characters were Courtney.. as Journalist, Kyle as Main Director, Tessa as Make up Artist and Michael was our team leader. My job was to ask questions and interview Tessa for the new movie " Fantasy Girls ". This was not easy, we had to keep re-doing our takes until we felt that we nailed it, after we nailed it.. We uploaded to our google drives. Our critique was very acceptable to know that a lot of people liked our script and presentation, we got most 4's and some 3's so that was great, to improve those 3's and bump them up to 4's i think we could have took more time instead of rushing through the recording process.


ACO 5.1 Apply problem-solving techniques to create deliverables that address the needs of a client target audience.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Market Shifts

A market is a place that contracts the eyes of people who want to make sales or bring together items to sell for others to purchase. I think that technology to sell and shop for things you want will make a huge impact on the world because a lot of people I know are already barely going out to shop for things they want or need, as for me; I try to do as much of my shopping in store's more then online, but it also depends on what I'm looking for, if I'm looking for a certain type of clothing or make-up I'll definitely look for it on line because most of the brands I use don't have stores here on Kauai. On the other hand if I am in search of home use products, or simple things such as toiletries, I would rather do my shopping in stores.

The top 3 career choices I got was Automotive glass installer / repairer, Painter helper, and Order filler. These skills would help me in the future if I decide to be working in a glass repair shop, paint shop, or working in a field that has something to do with taking orders or making orders. Some career choices I feel I want to improve on are my Journalism skills, Mathematic skills and my Sales skills. As time goes on, I feel the technology use will make a bigger impact on the Market Shift because everything will have to do with technology, computers and more jobs, purchasing will have to be online and will have more to do with the internet. In my opinion, I think the impact technology will make on Market Shifting will create more jobs and create more opportunities for people around the United States.

ACO 2.1 Analyze how shifts in market affect changes to media and design.
ACO 2.2 Evaluate how changing communication needs of a market are addressed by media and design.
ACO 2.3 Propose media and design solutions that address the changing needs in global markets.

Image Compositing

Hybrid Imagery is a photo that is produced in two different ways and it depends on the view of distance you capture in your shot, it takes t...